SafariSpinSafari| Dongfang Jiasheng (002889.SZ): The company's Qianhai project is expected to start construction this year and will be basically completed before the end of next year

Oriental Jiasheng (002889SafariSpinSafari.SZ) it was released on May 26, 2024 that Oriental Jiasheng accepted research by Boshi Fund and other institutions on May 24, 2024, Secretary of the Board: Li Xuyang; Investor Relations Manager: Xiao Wen participated in the reception and answeredSafariSpinSafariThe research organization put forwardSafariSpinSafariIt's a problem.

Details of the research institutions are as follows:

SafariSpinSafari| Dongfang Jiasheng (002889.SZ): The company's Qianhai project is expected to start construction this year and will be basically completed before the end of next year

He Kun / Bosh Fund; Li Qiudi / Zhejiang Securities; Wu Gang / Hengtai Securities; Huang Yuliang / Hengbang Zhaofeng; Zhu Tao / Guoying Capital; Dai Huaqi / run Yingda Investment; Zhang Zhaofeng / Sentinel Consulting; Ding Armed Police / conscious Capital.

The main contents of the survey are:

Question 1: what are the company's plans in the semiconductor industry in the future? In addition to consignment maintenance and logistics services, are semiconductors involved in the trade procurement business?

Answer: in the future, the company will build the industry standard of bonded consignment maintenance supply chain for semiconductor equipment manufacturers, actively promote a new open industrial ecology, and create a benign after-sales service ecosystem for semiconductor equipment manufacturers in Shenzhen. In 2024, the company will accelerate the expansion of supply chain service business in the chip semiconductor industry. In the future, it will optimize and improve the consignment maintenance project process through cooperation with international and domestic head chip semiconductor production equipment manufacturers, deepen upstream and downstream cooperation with manufacturers, launch more integrated supply chain management solutions, and enable semiconductor manufacturers to face bottlenecks and pain points in procurement and material management. At the same time, we are looking for the M & A targets of semiconductor supply chain services, in order to expand the semiconductor supply chain service market faster through industrial chain integration and resource sharing. In addition, through the existing Shenzhen self-built warehouse plan, combined with the "Shenzhen Action Plan for the cultivation and Development of Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industry clusters (2022-2025)" goal: by 2025, the industrial revenue will exceed 250 billion yuan. To form more than three design enterprises with revenue of more than 10 billion yuan and a batch of revenue of more than 1 billion yuan, and to introduce and cultivate three manufacturing enterprises with revenue of more than 2 billion yuan, the company will increase investment. Concentrate superior resources to build supply chain service platform for semiconductor and integrated circuit industry.

At present, the company has deeply cut into the supply chain of the semiconductor industry and successfully expanded the leading customers in the industry. Based on the supply chain service advantages accumulated over the years, the company will gradually extend to the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry chain to increase the depth of supply chain management, and at the same time, based on the needs of customers and the market, will continue to cover more diversified and refined supply chain management products.

Question 2: what is the current layout of overseas warehouses for cross-border e-commerce?

Answer: the company attaches importance to the strategic role and layout of overseas warehouses as an important overseas node of cross-border e-commerce. At present, the company has provided warehousing and reverse logistics services in Britain, Germany and the United States to solve the worries of secondary sales for customers. The UK warehouse has developed a visualization service for super-large delivery, which is favored by big-ticket sellers and customers. The company is optimistic about the international logistics development opportunities brought about by cross-border e-commerce going to sea, and has launched a variety of logistics service products that can effectively meet the e-commerce platform and sellers, especially in the first route, international air transportation and shipping, as well as overseas warehouses. In the future, the company will keep up with the market demand and the direction of national policy support, increase the coverage of international routes and overseas warehouses, layout the global cross-border e-commerce core areas, and actively enhance its own overseas customs clearance and warehouse allocation integrated service capabilities, enhance overseas distribution delivery capabilities, and consolidate the company's competitive advantage in going to sea.

Question 3: what are the main parts of the company's future performance growth?

Answer: the company has continued to diversify in recent years, and the demand for cross-border e-commerce supply chain services is strong. The company has laid out the cross-border e-commerce warehousing and logistics in advance, and is expected to achieve rapid growth in line with the development of cross-border e-commerce platforms in the future. The company will also rely on the rich experience of 4PL integrated supply chain solutions, adhere to the diversified layout strategy, promote the all-round development of semiconductor manufacturing services, health care and other segment business, expand the proportion of self-built warehousing projects, cooperate with the digital and intelligent upgrading of existing business, and achieve high-quality growth of profitability.

Question4: what are the benefits of a company's own position? How will it help performance in the future?

Answer: at present, the company operates more than 150000 square meters of warehousing. at present, it mainly has self-built warehouses in core locations such as Shenzhen Fubao and Shanghai Yangshan Port. Since 2015, the company has proposed to increase the proportion of its own warehousing. the company is currently building warehouses in Chongqing, Kunming, Shenzhen and other places. Qianhai project, which won the bid last year, is expected to start this year, and the above projects will be basically completed by the end of next year, and will be gradually put into use. It is planned to land 45-600000 square meters of its own storage project in the next two years. The self-owned warehousing project is conducive to the overall layout of the company, planning the warehousing function in advance and meeting the market demand in the process of construction. After the completion of the warehouse construction, the company will replace some of the outsourced warehouses and turn the outsourced warehouse into its own warehouse. It can not only consolidate the initiative and stability of the company's supply chain network layout, but also further enhance the company's supply chain delivery capacity. At the same time, it will also reduce the company's warehouse rental costs and improve profitability, so the use of self-owned warehouses will have a positive impact on the company's operation.

Question 5: are there any plans to increase dividends in the future?

Answer: the company has maintained a stable, sustained and moderate dividend plan since 2019. In the future, the company will comprehensively consider the market environment, the company's development needs and the opinions of shareholders to formulate a more appropriate dividend plan.

Question 6: is the Oriental Jiasheng Building located in Shenzhen Fubao District a company-owned property? What is the current book value? Is it recorded at the market price?

Answer: Dongfang Jiasheng Building is a self-built property of the company. The site was purchased in 2009. The total floor area of the building is about 34333 square meters. This asset is a long-term asset held by the company and is accounted for at the initial construction cost. As the market value of the location is higher than the cost, please refer to the surrounding areas for specific market value.

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