winstarpoker| Ding Yuanhuai, Diaoyutai Liquor Industry: Internationalization of liquor is a very good path that can be chosen

Theme: 2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable

"Whether we did well or badly in the past, it has become the past. Thinking about the future and doing a good job in the future is what everyone should focus on thinking about." On May 27, at the 2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable with the theme of "Keeping Integrity, Innovating, Jointly Protecting Guizhou Liquor Brands, Condensing Intelligence and Gathering Strength to Strengthen Superior Industrial Clusters", Ding Yuanhuai, General Manager of Diaoyutai Liquor Industry, expressed his belief in the industry's resilience and development.

winstarpokerIn his speech, he elaborated on four points:

First of all, production capacity is the support of the sauce wine industry. "The sauce wine industry does not have enough production capacity support, and quality cannot be guaranteed." Ding Yuanhuai emphasized that the sauce wine industry is not invested only when there is demand because it has a long production cycle.

Second, the existence of differentiation and personalized development will be the long-term business format of the liquor industry. Taking Dongjiu's bucking growth in 2023 as an example, he proposed a path for the differentiated development of Guizhou liquor: "The Guizhou Liquor Roundtable covers all aroma flavors in Guizhou Province, with Maotai aroma accounting for the largest proportion, but in the future, it may not be only Maotai aroma that will have a future, but other aroma flavors will not. Dongjiu iswinstarpokerAn example we should learn from."

"Personalized development will exist in this industry for a long time. We can't learn Maotai, nor can we learn Zhenjiu, Guotai, Xijiu, and Langjiu. They are big Zhang Dahe. We do what we can and should do based on our own brand positioning and market positioning. But we can learn from the differentiated existence of Dongjiu." Ding Yuanhuai further mentioned that local companies must have a sense of competition and responsibility, position themselves well, and understand what to do and how to do it.

winstarpoker| Ding Yuanhuai, Diaoyutai Liquor Industry: Internationalization of liquor is a very good path that can be chosen

Third, brands are made and must not be born. "Some so-called brands are actually just a trademark, a trademark with intellectual property rights. A real brand must require a long time and more effort. Only by realizing exchange, production and circulation can a brand be formed."

Fourth, internationalization is a very good path. "Our original understanding of internationalization always believed that foreigners would not drink Chinese liquor and sell it to Chinese people. If we still stay on this understanding, the road to internationalization will not work." Ding Yuanhuai emphasized that only by allowing foreign consumers to understand and have the opportunity to experience it, and achieving linkage through the influence of Chinese can internationalization be truly and effectively implemented.

At the same time, he also mentioned that currently,"Chinese products have the conditions to go global":"Today, every standard winery we visit is clean and orderly. This is because we have paid attention to environmental protection, adherence to quality, and inheritance of craftsmanship."

Therefore, he said,"Internationalization is the path you can choose":"Domestic consumers know that the most popular Chinese liquor brand is Moutai, but foreign consumers only know one concept,'Chinese baijiu,' so every company has opportunities., you can consider it."

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