metalslugarcademachine| Final decision! Rumors of external real estate acquisitions are rampant in the market

The overall volume of the market has shrunk back, and the volume and capacity has rapidly shrunk from the trillion level around May Day to more than 700 billion today.MetalslugarcademachineYes. As of 2 p.m.Metalslugarcademachine: 20, the whole An equal weight index fell 0.MetalslugarcademachineAbout .5%. A big rumor that everyone is spreading today is the acquisition and storage of real estate. According to external reports,MetalslugarcademachineWe are considering the collection of local ZF to help resolve the stock of housing. Where did the money come from? Loans from state-owned banks through ZF. Then buy it from cash-strapped real estate developers at a relatively discounted price. And this wave of acquired houses will be used as indemnificatory apartment to rent to people with lower incomes at relatively low prices. It is reported that this plan is still in the process of soliciting opinions, and there is no exact official news at present, so you should not be too excited about whether it will be landed or not. Of course, the market has been boiling, the real estate sector is almost straight up, intraday rose more than 4 points. In fact, the plan reported by Japan has been done before, and the form is almost exactly the same. The house acquired and stored by ZF is called "public housing". The core purpose is to help the real estate industry to get rid of inventory, not only to help real estate enterprises out of difficulties, to resolve potential macro risks, but also to stimulate the economy. In the final analysis, it is almost impossible to solve the real estate problem by relying on market demand alone (there are almost enough stimulus measures), so in the end, we can only rely on ZF to pay for it.

metalslugarcademachine| Final decision! Rumors of external real estate acquisitions are rampant in the market

In fact, the market's expectations for this matter have been in place since the end of the meeting at the end of April, when it was clearly proposed to "co-ordinate the study of digesting the stock of real estate." However, it is also very clear that it is necessary to "study". There are actually a lot of disputes and games behind it. To put it most bluntly, the money borrowed by the local government has a cost and has to be repaid. What if the market continues to decline and becomes deeply trapped? How many bottoms are there? At present, the pressure on local Zhai affairs is already very great, and now there is another wave of such a fierce one, can it bear it? And even if you want to do so, the situation varies widely from place to place, taking into account both the financial pressure and the local rate of return on rent. If you want to calculate this account clearly, there will be a complex game in between. So on the whole, there is still a lot of uncertainty about this matter. I'm not saying that this will not work (in fact, if it is really introduced, it will certainly be a good thing for A shares and can stabilize the confidence of foreign investors). It's just that at a time when the visibility is still relatively low, I would like to remind you of the risks on the left side. There's no need to be so aggressive.

Plate name real estate development keywords real estate acquisition, public housing, stock real estate bullish bearish (bullish) the overall market contraction callback, the volume has quickly shrunk from the trillion level around May Day to more than 700 billion today. Crazy! Another big move to save the market? Hexun self-selected Stock Writer risk Tip: the above content is only the views of the author or guest, does not represent any position of Hexun, and does not constitute any investment advice related to Hexun. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products according to their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisers if necessary. Hexun tries its best but cannot confirm the authenticity, accuracy and originality of the above content, and Hexun does not make any guarantee or commitment.

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