steamofcrypto| Gu Lili, Chairman of Jiesai: Let every woman enjoy cooking in the busy pace of life

Theme: 2024 China Brand Festival Women's Forum

The "2024 China Brand Festival Women's Forum" will be held in Beijing from May 25 to 26. Gu Lili, Chairman of Jiesai, attended and delivered a speech.

Gu Lili saidsteamofcryptoSince its establishment in 2003, Gesai has been focusing on the research and development of smart home appliances based on Chinese cooking for more than 20 years, focusing on technological innovation, and successfully developed a series of star products such as automatic cooking pots. According to reports, Gesai has more than 30 invention patents and more than 100 other patents, and has won many awards at home and abroad.

steamofcrypto| Gu Lili, Chairman of Jiesai: Let every woman enjoy cooking in the busy pace of life

"We promise to continuously optimize our products, integrate smart technology into every family, so that every woman can enjoy the fun of cooking in the busy pace of life, easily make delicious and healthy Chinese dishes, and truly realize the life philosophy of eating well," she said.

Gu Lili said that as a leader in smart cooking home appliances, Gesai realizes intelligent upgrades of kitchen scenes through smart cooking equipment and open ecology. On the basis of maintaining the original product research and development capabilities, Gesai applies the AI model to Gesai kitchen appliances. Among the products, we provide full-ecological and intelligent life solutions based on kitchen scenes to create the most happy fully intelligent kitchen scene in the future.

"Every step of Jiesai's growth is inseparable from the wisdom and strength of women. We believe that women's strength is warm and tenacious. Just as Jiesai cooks every meal that satisfies taste buds and warms people's hearts, we will continue to deepen our relationship with women. Connect with consumers and move forward hand in hand to create a better picture of life," she said.

Sina statement: All meeting minutes are compiled in shorthand on the spot and have not been reviewed by the speaker. Sina posted this article for the purpose of conveying more information and does not mean that they agree with their views or confirm their descriptions.

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