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Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors is the eternal theme and important mission of the healthy development of the capital market. At present,BartopvideopokerThere are more than 200 million individual investors in A shares in China. Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of investors is related to the vital interests of hundreds of millions of families and hundreds of millions of people. On the occasion of the arrival of the "May 15 National Investor Protection publicity Day", the China Securities Industry Association, in conjunction with the securities industry, has jointly compiled two new standards for investor protection groups, "Securities Company complaint handling Standard" and "Securities Company customer return visit Standard". Further standardize the work flow links related to customer return visits in securities companies, and advocate the industry to actively carry out group standardization work.

The formulation of the new standards of the two groups is not only a technical process, but also a process of gathering industry wisdom and cultural consensus. Combined with industry best practices, the new standard provides a more refined and systematic operation guide for complaint handling and customer return visits of securities companies. Among them, the new standard clearly defines the relevant concepts of complaint handling, makes a multi-dimensional distinction between the types of complaints, and makes specific provisions on the ways and channels, handling principles and procedures of complaints. This enables securities companies to have a clear guidance when dealing with complaints and know clearly how they should act, which greatly improves work efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In the aspect of customer return visit, the new standard fills the gap in the standardization of customer return visit system in the securities industry. In the past, the customer return visit work of securities companies lacked unified standards and norms, resulting in uneven quality and effect of the return visit work. Now, with the new unified system standards, the customer return visits of securities companies will be more standardized and orderly, which will help to improve the service level of the whole industry.

CICC Fortune Securities is actively responding to the new measures of the China Securities Association on investor protection with practical actions, and will always adhere to the concept of "customer-centered, cherish customer interests and seek a long way to go" in the handling of customer complaints and customer return visits. "the concept of" common growth ", and increase measures to enhance investors' sense of achievement and sense of security. The company has specially set up a committee for the protection of investors' rights and interests, which is responsible for taking the lead in the implementation of the protection of investors' rights and interests, which shows that the company attaches importance to and determination to protect investors. In addition, the company actively carries out various characteristic investment activities according to its own business characteristics, and further implements the inclusive financial strategy.

bartopvideopoker| financial values| CICC Fortune: Work together to make new industry standards the "gold standard" to protect investors 'rights and interests

Actively protect customers' rights and interests and effectively reduce the rate of customer complaints

CICC Wealth Securities attaches great importance to customer complaints and implements the first inquiry responsibility system. The company has been advocating the proper internal resolution of customer disputes and actively safeguarding the rights and interests of customers. In 2023, the number of complaints accepted by CICC Fortune Securities for regulatory referrals dropped by 15% compared with the same period last year, and the case settlement rate reached 63%, effectively reducing the company's customer complaint rate.

CICC Fortune Securities has taken a series of measures in handling complaints, including strengthening staff compliance training, optimizing business processes, strengthening customer service notices and revealing delisting business risks. These measures effectively reduce the number of customer complaints and provide investors with a better service experience. For example, the company launches online account cancellation service, realizes 48-hour automatic account cancellation function, and provides business online processing channel and national counter management service function to provide convenience for customers to handle business. In 2023, the number of customer complaints from CICC Fortune Securities and business management decreased by 50% compared with the same period last year, and customer notification complaints decreased by 57% compared with the same period last year.

Return visit to intensive management to improve customer satisfaction

The return visit business of CICC Fortune Securities adopts the intensive management mode of headquarters, and realizes the standardized management of various business return visits, so as to improve business efficiency and reduce business risks. At the same time, through the return visit business online and intelligent, to achieve single-customer multi-task merger function, reduce the number of calls to customers, and improve customer service experience. These measures will help the company to better understand customer needs, optimize service processes, and improve customer satisfaction.

Looking to the future, CICC Fortune Securities will continue to implement the association's new business standards for complaints and return visits, so that the new industry standards will become the "gold standard" to guide the company's investor protection work. With the continuous development of the capital market and the deepening of investor protection, CICC Fortune Securities is expected to provide better and more efficient services for investors in the future, in order to build a "big insurance" pattern, we will play a positive role in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors and jointly promote the healthy development of China's capital market.

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