paigowtiles| How to open the trunk of the Jetu X70?

As a medium-sized SUV, the Jetu X70 is loved by consumers for its spacious space and practical functions. For many car owners, the way to open the trunk is an indispensable feature in daily use. This article will introduce in detail the method of opening the trunk of the Jetu X70 to help car owners use this function more conveniently.

1. Opening method in the car

The Jetu X70 has a trunk open button inside the car and is located on the door panel on the left side of the driver's seat. The owner only needs to press this button lightly, and the trunk will automatically unlock and pop up, making it convenient and quick. In addition, some models may be equipped with smart keys. By pressing and holding the trunk open button on the key, the function of remotely opening the trunk can also be realized.

paigowtiles| How to open the trunk of the Jetu X70?

2. External opening method

In addition to the interior opening method, the trunk of the Jetu X70 can also be opened externally. There is an open button in the center position below the trunk lid. When the vehicle is in an unlocked state, the owner can directly press this button and the trunk will open. This method is especially suitable for holding objects in your hands and it is inconvenient to enter the car to operate.

3. Opening method in case of emergency

In some emergency situations, if neither of the above two opening methods is available, the Jetu X70 also provides a mechanical opening method. Above the license plate box at the rear of the vehicle, an emergency opening cable is hidden. The owner can pull this cable and the trunk will open. This design ensures that the owner can still open the trunk if the electronic system fails.

4. Matters needing attention

When using the trunk, car owners should pay attention to the following points: First, ensure that no inflammable and explosive materials are placed in the trunk to ensure driving safetypaigowtilesSecondly, when closing the trunk, ensure that the lid is completely closed and locked to avoid accidental opening during driving; finally, regularly check the opening mechanism of the trunk to ensure its flexibility and reliability, and avoid mechanical failures affecting normal use.

V. Trunk size and capacity

The trunk size of the Jetu X70 is 1000mm long, 1050mm wide and 780mm high, providing spacious storage space. When the rear seats are not reclined, the standard volume of the trunk is 439L, which is enough to meet daily use needs. When the rear seats are lowered proportionally, the trunk volume can be expanded to 1680L, greatly increasing the storage capacity and suitable for long-distance travel or carrying large items.

Opening method Operation steps Applicable scenario Interior button Press button on driver's side door panel Daily use External button Press button under trunk lid When carrying items, emergency cable pulls cable above license plate frame When electronic system fails

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