europebetslot| Heavy benefits! Will the main line of science and technology reappear in May?

According to foreign media reportsEuropebetslotThe United States is drafting a possible cut off of some Chinese banks from the global financial systemEuropebetslotSanctions to prevent China's support for Russian military production. This news led to changes in the concept of cross-border payments yesterday, which refers to the transfer of international capital due to trade, investment and other reasons. At present, the cross-border clearing of RMB in China is mainly carried out through the clearing mode of CIPS system, the mode of agency bank and the mode of clearing bank.

If the United States adopts sanctions, cross-border payment concept stocks are likely to perform. In addition, according to media reports, Xiaomi led the launch of the 2023 national key research and development program "Intelligent Robot (300024)". Huang Renxun also said that robots will be cheaper than cars, and buying robots is better than buying cars. The robot sector has been in a state of adjustment since mid-March, and now that the performance is gradually on the ground, you can consider tracking robot-related targets. Musk and Huang Renxun's vision is trustworthy.

europebetslot| Heavy benefits! Will the main line of science and technology reappear in May?

Us stocks closed higher on Tuesday, with the Nasdaq up nearly 1.Europebetslot.6%. The manufacturing PMI index is weak and the market is optimistic that this may prompt the Federal Reserve to accelerate interest rate cuts. Large-scale technology stocks rose generally, while hot Chinese stocks also rose. The external situation is generally good, which has a positive impact on today's A-shares.

The market fell 22:00 yesterday, but the number of stocks rose more than fell. A major document is usually issued after the study meeting, and it is expected that the national reform document or action on the capital market will be released soon after this meeting. The military information bibcock continues to soar, and the robot plate has a small movement. Ganli Pharmaceutical won the bid successfully, and the share price rose by the limit again. Today, we can look for targets for tracking performance around the direction of science and technology, and it is expected that the main line of science and technology will reappear in May.

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